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Celebrate with Mocha My Day!

Enjoy our delicious drink selections, each hand-crafted with fresh roasted organic espresso Ghirardelli products, Torani syrups, and topped with real whipped cream and a cookie straw garnish.


Gingerbread Snap
Creamy caramel and gingerbread syrups mingle together to keep you warm and cozy.

Marvelous Mint
Our take on a seasonal favorite! Peppermint and chocolate come together to get you in the holiday mood.

Mocha My Day
Our namesake for over 15 years! Chocolatey and yummy!

Tiramisu Treasure
Treat yourself to this drinkable gem! White chocolate and tiramisu syrup come together to create a drink you won’t want to share!

For a lighter treat, try one of our specialty lattes. Steamed milk and espresso are infused with your choice of the following flavors. All lattes are available decaf and fat-free. *Designates Sugar-free available

NEW Gingerbread

Coffee Free Zone
We have several delicious options for those who may not want a coffee drink.

Atlanta’s Best Hot Chocolate!
Our creamy hot chocolate is made with Ghirardhelli chocolate sauce and topped with chocolate flavored whipped cream. Best hot chocolate in Atlanta, guaranteed!

Chai Latte
Exotic spices-Cinnamon, anise, cloves, cardamom, ginger & vanilla, (even a little pepper!) all combined with black tea and steamed milk.

Mint Hint – Add a little chocolate mint to either drink. Hmm..Minteresting!

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