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#1 Mocha My Day Mocha Bar
We bring you an attractive bar set-up complete with a commercial espresso machine and server. We provide a drink menu that people can choose their drinks from. Our drink menu is seasonal and themed. For example, we have a spring, summer, fall, and winter menu. In December, we have a special holiday menu. Guests can have as many drinks as they want, choosing from a delicious selection of mochas, flavored lattes, chai, tea, hot chocolate, and more. View our menu by clicking this link. Finally, we will provide a table and seasonal linen at no addtional charge!

#2 Mocha/Smoothie Combo
Want to have something cold in addition to our hot drink menu? We do all of the above, and will also offer your guests a choice of up to three different fruit smoothies or frozen mocha chills. See our hot drink menu here. See cold drink menu here.

#3 Smoothie Bar
If you just want smoothies, please visit our sister service – Super Cool Smoothie Company.

#4 The Ultimate Combo
If you want the ultimate in fun, why not pair up our mocha bar with a chocolate fountain. Our sister service, Lil’ Dipper Chocolate Fountains will provide the fountain and we provide the mocha bar. This is a great value where you can save up to $80!

Find out more about Lil’ Dipper Chocolate Fountains.

Iced Lattes New! Mocha My Day – On Ice
Get cool, calm and collected with a fantastically flavored iced latte or a rich blended chocolate dream, created just for you at your next special event. Mocha My Day-On Ice provides you and your guests with a dazzling display of funky, flavorful concoctions that are a “Perfect 10” for chasing those summer blues away! Prices start around $5/person. WOW!

Optional Add-ons
There are several optional add-ons that we can provide at no additional cost:
* Music
* Formal Attire
* Soy milk

There are several optional add-ons that we can provide with additional costs:
*Irish Coffee Mugs
*Mixed Pastry Tray
*Mixed Bagel Tray
*Fruit Trays or Fruit Salad

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